landscape photography by maureen carrollTurn me like a waterwheel turning a millstone.
Plenty of water, a Living River.
~ Rumi





How to Photograph a Great Landscape

Lesson One: Finding the Light

photo of Santa Rita Mountains

Santa Rita Mountains

Great landscape photography is all about timing. Finding the best light for your environment means testing out the waters, getting a feel for your surroundings. What is the humidity level, is there haze in the morning? How do things – mountains and monuments – cast their shadows at sunset? When are the crowds thinner or the wildlife thicker?

Finding the best light also means looking with fresh eyes. The environment changes everyday, and so do the eyes of a photographer. Some days feel softer, with mists floating off silver waters. Some days we feel softer, embracing nature with our misty eyes grasping every silken detail.

photograph of Bear Cloud over Kansas

Bear Cloud over Kansas

photo of Flinthills